Suzy Testimonial 3

Our experience with Suzy was positive from our first contact to closing. Our episode began with another big loan company that had “pre-approved” a loan for us before we moved from California to Arizona. We were going to be putting down such a large amount that our loan amount seemed a no brainer for any loan company.

As we were getting a couple of weeks into the loan process with the house that we were going for, it became apparent that the big company didn’t care about helping us out. They would not return messages for days at a time, and we lost all confidence in them that we were going to get the loan at all and it seemed we were going to lose the house that we were wanting to buy.

Our realty agent suggested contacting Suzy. From the moment of the first contact, we felt confident that things were going to happen. We changed over to her to complete our loan. Within about a day she was on track with what took the other company three weeks. She responded quickly with any questions we had and everything just fell into place. Our loan closed on time and we are happily in the house we wanted. Suzy knows her stuff, and if there’s something she might not know, she will quickly research it and find out. I will recommend her to anyone looking to buy a house without any hesitation.