Tiffany Testimonial 6

My escrow closing experience was very positive and very informative. I thank you very much for all the help which I received from you and from CNN Mortgage. It was an excellent learning experience for me.

The Process: the process was explained to me in very simple terms, which I found very easy to understand. Every time I had a question regarding the steps of the closing process, I always received a courteous and complete response from CNN. I was happy with their answers and explanations.

Communication: Excellent!! I always received constant communication, either by email, by phone, or by Docusingn, or a combination of all three methods. Quick responses were always appreciated. Their communication with me was always thorough and complete. Using all three methods of communication, made me feel always connected with them….at any time and at anyplace. I loved it!

Resources: Wow!! Nice! CNN gave me access to plenty of resources. These include online resources such as the use of email communication and Docusign to sign for documents. I love DocuSign, and I’m glad CNN was able to make the process of signing so many documents way too easy and stress-free for me. Besides all, the best resource was the expertise of their personnel. Tiffany, you were magnificent, and I will always remember you, as to how professional you were, and how patient you were with me. Thank you for your expertise, which in my opinion, was the best resource that I received from CNN. You made me feel welcome and appreciated. Thank you, you were my best resource in the closing experience.

Experience: Awesome!! CNN, seriously knows their business. Their experience made the difference in making feel special and unique. I received plenty of advice, such as how to improve my credit score in order to get a better interest rate. I received plenty of tips that eventually helped me in not having Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) included in my monthly mortgage payment. Tiffany (CNN) helped bring my interest rate even lower….wow!!! I was impressed. Their great experience made the difference. I chose CNN among several lenders, and I am happy I did.

Thank Tiffany. Thank you, CNN.

P.S. Tiffany, I received the beautiful give you mailed me. Wonderful…again you made me feel appreciated and special.